The Fall Post-Season Recap

With a deep exhale and as we look forward to a new year, the DEM Community Engagement Team is taking a look back upon this energetic, dynamic, and FUN fall season of preparedness.

And without further ado, the DEM 2012 fall preparedness lineup!

Taking it to the Streets: the SF Heroes LIVE Game!

So, we have this great app.  It’s called SF Heroes and it’s on iPhone and Android smart phone platforms. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll download it and join the fun.  SF Heroes is one of DEM’s online, social mechanism for learning about how to be prepared for an emergency; but what about an in-person way to do the same? Well, we are happy to share that we have indeed thought of that, and are making available to San Francisco this October SF Heroes LIVE! The SF Heroes preparedness iPhone and Android app brought to…life!

What is SF Heroes LIVE?
The SF Heroes LIVE game is a live action and in-person version of SF Heroes, the smart phone preparedness social gaming app. Get a group of friends together as a team or play individually to complete in fun and creative challenges and tasks that will help you to get prepared for just about any kind of emergency.

How does SF Heroes LIVE Work?
Starting October 11, begin a week-long quest to earn points as you complete tasks and compete for prizes designed to enhance your superhero emergency preparedness knowledge and skills. You’ll also share your successes with your friends on your favorite social media channels. And then one week later, join us at Jillian’s at the Metreon on the evening of October 18 for an exciting celebration of your preparedness prowess with others from the game.

How to Play SF Heroes LIVE?
The first steps to participate in SF Heroes LIVE are to download the SF Heroes app to your phone and choose your superhero identity; don’t forget to invite your friends on Facebook to join the superhero ranks (you’ll be able to do this directly from the app). The next step is to preregister yourself and/or your team for the live game at (preregistration is open now!) where you will also find a list of the local businesses providing prizes, which include Fiat Lux, Fresh and Easy, Jillians, Trader Joes, Ritual Coffee Brewers, Cole Hardware, and our sponsoring partner Target.

Be part of the SF Heroes experience and help our city to be ready for…anything!

The SF Heroes Promotional Video

A few months ago on the DEM Blog, we posted Coming Soon to a YouTube Channel Near You, a blog about filming the SF Heroes promotional video and its goal to to explain what the SF Heroes app is and how it promotes emergency preparedness–in a fun and campy way.  We wanted the film to be unique, non-govie and virally catchy; we think we succeeded!

So, DEM is thrilled to release the SF Heroes short film to San Francisco! And, when you watch, we hope will share with your networks.  To you monster experts out there, can you name the monster in the film? Here’s a hint: H.P. Lovecraft.

The Fall Season of Emergency Preparedness Is Upon Us!

With September being National Preparedness Month and October being the 24th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, this fall the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management encourages you to take these reminders as incentives to build upon your preparedness and resilience. Whether by visiting to develop your emergency plan; downloading SF Heroes to your smart phone to test your preparedness know-how; registering for AlertSF, DEM’s text-based message system that delivers emergency information to cell phones and other text-enabled devices, as well as email accounts—there are many simple and often immediate ways to enhance your preparedness and resilience. DEM also highly encourage you to become a trained member of your local San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team.

Being prepared isn’t necessarily about buying an expensive earthquake or emergency kit. It’s about having basic items gathered and ready at hand. It’s about talking with your family about where to meet after a disaster or making sure everyone knows where your emergency supplies are. It’s about knowing to drop, cover and hold on during an earthquake.So, the good news is that you are more prepared than you think.


While on the topic of knowing what to do during an earthquake, this October marks the 5th Annual Great California ShakeOut, California’s state-wide drop, cover and hold on drill. We hope you will participate and help to spread the word about registering and participating in the drill planned for Thursday, October 18th at 10:18am. The purpose of the ShakeOut drill is practice and preparation: knowing what to do before, during and after an earthquake and preparing our homes, workplaces and schools for any type of an emergency.

“ShakeOut is a great way to practice mental and muscle memory so you know what to do the next time the earth shakes” Kate Long, California Emergency Management Agency Earthquake and Tsunami Program Deputy

How to Participate?

Register yourself, your household and your workplace for the drill at and join the rest of California on October 18th by practicing drop, cover and hold on at 10:18 am. Additional ways to participate include posting ShakeOut posters in your organizations public areas and/or handing out post cards to promote awareness of, and participation in the drill. Finally, tweet about your ShakeOut experience (#shakeout)!

San Francisco is a great place to live, work and play and it’s important we all do what we can to be prepared for any kind of emergency, small or large.

A strong believer that we are more prepared they we think, sfdemkristin advocates it is not a looming disaster that inspires us to prepare, but rather the peace of mind that comes from having taking a few simple steps in advance of an emergency to take care of our loved ones. Kristin can be reached via Twitter @kristinlhogan.

Social Preparedness: The NERT Citwide Drill

Last April the San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) conducted its annual citywide drill.  For those of us who were there, wasn’t it cool?!  And for those of us who were not, join the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) Director Daniel Homsey, NERT Program Coordinator Lt. Erica Arteseros and Advisory Board Member Lynn Jacklevich and experience the camaraderie of this social preparedness activity.

Want to feel the camaraderie first-hand? Join your neighborhood’s NERT. It’s a great feeling knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency and your community will be all the more resilient as a result. And if you do, don’t forget to get your SF Hero Badge via SF Heroes, DEM’s smart phone app that gives you street cred on Facebook and Twitter for your emergency preparedness savvy.

A special thanks to NEN for capturing the magic of social preparedness!