Fear Factor

A volcano in the city.

Here comes the apocalypse!

Nothing grabs headlines like fear.  In some circles, yesterday’s earthquake in Southern California was cast as a foreshock to the apocalypse.  Cue the scenes of a volcano erupting in Los Angeles and an asteroid hurling towards earth. Somebody better call Tommy Lee Jones and Bruce Willis because we need a hero!

Are we scared yet? Okay, now let’s all take a step back from the ledge.

Yesterday’s 4.7 tremor?  A simple reminder we live in earthquake country– instead of believing the hype, let’s take small steps towards individual and community resilience.

A shadow puppet

Ever done this before? Then you probably have a flashlight stashed away in case the power goes out.

You are more prepared than you think! If the power goes out, you have a flashlight handy, and you know who can pick up your kids if you get stuck at work. You adapt and move on – disaster averted! By managing everyday life you already have what it takes.  So take simple actions now to make life easier when an earthquake happens!

72 hours is a great starting point for preparedness – it’s the first step in preparing yourself and your family for a disaster. Simple tips include keeping a bag of stuff to get you by for 3 days, having an out-of-state contact, and making sure your  family has a safe meeting spot.

So what about heroes? Who is going to save the day?  You will – and so will your neighbors.

In the event of an emergency, communities come together. Past disasters – from Sandy to Fukushima – have proven resilience because of people helping each other.  Being prepared is not just about getting your supplies together; it’s about knowing your neighbors, lending a hand, and sharing your knowledge and skills to help your community.

Neighbors handing out food to others

New Yorkers helping neighbors after Super Storm Sandy.

Take the time to meet your neighbors – at home, at work, or through social networks.  After all, these are the people we rely on everyday no matter the crisis!

For more small steps and ways to get connected check out:  www.72hours.org.  You can also check out our SFHeroes app for mobile devices!


One thought on “Fear Factor

  1. I love what you’ve said here. It’s so true. Fear seems to run our society, and what you say here:

    “By managing everyday life you already have what it takes. So take simple actions now to make life easier when an earthquake happens!”

    Echoes the motto of what the folks in my office strive to convey.

    Though, as a final note, I’m a little surprised a 4.7 was cast as a sign of the apocalypse. That hardly seems worth noting in that area of the world. We had a similar tremor in Vermont (where we are most certainly NOT used to that kind of thing) and all it did was knock a decoration off the wall, and rumble a little. Seems as though fear is the next big thing in our society these days.

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